ONE Palma strives to provide lifetime quality in everything we do. With custom made products to suit you and your boat's every need. Designed, engineered and built in Palma for long lasting and reliable service.

Our standards of excellence and quality have enabled us to not only establish ourselves in the most prestigious and competitive sailing yacht hub in the world, but also to grow over time from a two person operation to a company of 18 highly skilled industry professionals.

None of this would be possible without our fantastic ONE Palma team. Together we have maintained, managed, built and sailed different kinds of racing, performance and cruising yachts.

When we started ONE Palma in 2008, we were confident that we could deliver a top-quality product, and from the beginning our mission has been to integrate highly skilled, corporate-minded professionals into our team; Team players who love to learn and are passionate about their area of expertise.

The professionals we are lucky enough to call our team go above and beyond their duty every day, and we look forward to many more years with them at ONE.

-Peter D. Bresnan

ONE Palma's directors

Peter D. Bresnan

Director and Founder

Peter Bresnan sits at the helm of the ONE Palma team.

A graduate Naval Architect with more than 25 years marine experience, he is a sailing master, expert in yacht design, construction and repair of all areas from keels to sails.

Whether your yacht requires new sails, a full refit or simple fine-tuning, she will be in good hands with Peter and the team.


Alicia MacLean

Financial director and Founder

ONE Palma needs you!

I’ve been keeping ONE Palma Ship-Shape since 2008.

My job is to understand your administrative requirements. It’s part and parcel of delivering on our LifeTime Quality promise. Precision, transparency and clarity are fundamental in the day to day running of a highly diverse and complex marine business.

Successfully combining these essential factors is what we work hard for every hour of every day, year in, year out.

Your continued patronage depends on it!


Pau Vey

Head of Sailmaking

I have grown to become what I am thanks to Peter. I started as an apprentice and slowly through hard work and determination, I have become head of OneSails here at ONE Palma.

Peter has trained me well, taught me how to carry out highly technical work, from repairing hopelessly damaged sails to designing bulletproof Round-The-World performance cruising sails.

I’ve had to sew, sew and re-sew things over and over again to meet the required quality standards. Practice, practice and practice, that's the only secret to mastery at ONE Palma.

Today I keep learning every day as I have done during these past years but in a different way. Today it is more about innovation, rethinking small design concepts, international training, and sitting one-to-one with international sail designers.


Leonardo MacLean

Head of BoatBuilding

I love my job!

I came from San Francisco to head Peter’s Composites department. I started working with him in 2010. My role was to help him refit and repair yachts, working on numerous projects and jumping from one challenge to another.

After a decade of working together, we have successfully completed a vast array of different composites projects:

·Transformed a daysailer into a spirited and full blooded racing yacht ·Repaired major structural damage on a 150’ motor vessel bow ·Repaired masts, booms, rudders, keel floors... ·Custom built countless bowsprits, rudders, keels, spinnaker poles, battens

I’m #happyatwork and love my job. Producing Tailor-made composite components is the most exciting assignment I could hope for. We conceptualise, design, engineer and build every single component, to its smallest detail, to a high standard.

I feel our customers are in safe hands. Our team of Naval Architects and Composites Engineers can design, build and fit out any composite component your yacht could need.


Arnas Eimutis

Head of Rigging

I started working with Peter at ONE Palma in 2015. I am an Ocean Race, Rolex Cup and Trans-oceanic sailor and a rigger. I am passionate about my work; anything less than perfect is not an option for me.

When you are sailing downwind at thirty knots down a 6-meter high wave, everything must be perfect. It is your life we are talking about and it's no joke to me.

That same Lifetime Quality standard is what I am used to, and I was so happy to see that it is precisely what the team at ONE Palma are providing.

ONE Palma has allowed me to prove my abilities and keeps on stimulating me to excel in every job we do, and that is exciting and challenging.


Forrest Worthington

Naval Architect

ONE Palma allows me to focus my energy on sail design, composite engineering and sailing – bringing solutions to clients every day!

Since qualifying in Naval Architecture (MSc) and Marine and Composites Technology in the UK, I worked on the design & production of bespoke fibreglass catamarans in Thailand, marine surveys, complete vessel designs and boat building supervision with a top European company.

My broad experience has led me to become skillful at creating custom designs that are not only seaworthy but also attractive and innovative. Covering components as small and precise as adjustable batten boxes to 1000L ballast tanks that can also work as crew lockers when emptied.

Sailing is my passion, whether it’s competitively by representing Mallorca on its Snipe team, or recreationally, when kitesurfing and cruising on the weekends.

Working with international clients, taking design work through to completion as part of this small and highly professional ONE Palma team, means I’m living my dream.

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