We push the limits every day at work, so you can push your limits on the water.

We are setting a new industry standard. What's our secret? A combination of passion and knowledge. Naval architectures and engineers in love with our work and the sea.



SY Mylius 76

ONE Palma works with Onesails because of many reasons, but the two most important ones are; their high tech membranes and the possibility we have to finish each sail ourselves. We are the only high-performance sailmaker in the Balearics that finishes their own work. Quality Sails as only one's own work can produce.


Monomakh mast

Mastering rigging jobs have no secret, you only have to learn the basics and train yourself to perfection. During these last 30 years, we have been able to craft this work to perfection. Our naval architects, engineers and professional sailors enjoy taking care of every possible detail.


SY Mangusta

When this job came to us we where they only quote presented with enough care build up trust, we were definitely the most expensive one, but we were also the only ones that actually performed a correct evaluation. We prove to be right and we secured a safe refit of the entire bow.


ONE Palma corporate

We believe in quality service and quality products. Quality means reliability, means enjoying your boat safetly with no dought that your free time is about enjoying, not about risks. We believe in delivering always as if it were ours, if we were the ones onbard and our families where there with us.


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