Viper 640

It’s a perfect balance of dinghy and keelboat

Why Choose The Viper 640?

“...a perfect balance of dinghy and keelboat.”

The Viper 640 is a stable, lightweight, two to four person, high-performance one design keelboat.

The Viper is fun, fast, and affordable; making high-performance sailing available for all. Simple enough to rig in under half an hour, yet provide hours of excitement on the water.

Key features:

· Lifting keel with bulb for stability

· 2-part carbon mast for performance and ease of rigging

· Open transom bails water instantly, even in extreme conditions

· Clean and efficient layout and placements. No protruding hardware

· Light enough to be towed behind a compact car

· Launched from a hoist or ramp

The Viper 640 is a strict one-design World Sailing class. Changes are not permitted under class rules. Sails are supplied by class-approved sailmakers and strictly controlled through class rules.

The regulations encourage resourceful tuning techniques and makes for exciting, competitive racing even at national and international levels.

Technical Specification

  • LOA: 6.40 m

  • Beam: 2.50 m

  • Disp: 340 kg

  • Ballast: Lead keel bulb 100 kg

  • Draft: 33 cm with keel up, 1.37 m with keel down – fully bolted for sailing

  • Sail Area: Main & jib 23.44 sq. m.

  • Spinnaker: 39.54 sq. m.

  • Crew: Two, three or four

  • Ideal weight: 230-275 kg


What people are saying

One-Design classes begin with a boat, but succeed because of its members. The Viper 640 class is riding a wave of enthusiasm that may never reach the beach.
The Viper was great fun to sail in all conditions, fast responsive and controllable but not without a bite when we got it wrong from time to time. While the racing in light wind was tactical and rewarding, there is little to compare with “sending it” downwind in 25 knots; it is what we sailors live for and the Viper delivers that adrenaline rush by the bucket full.
— Curmudgeon, Scuttlebutt
Nick Jerwood, Perth, Australia – 2018 Viper 640 World Champion
What a great regatta (2017 NAs) and we’re thrilled to have won. I really like sailing the Viper 640. It has great tuning capabilities and is physical enough to know you’re really sailing. And the competition in this Championship was excellent with great event management, stellar conditions, and wonderful people to compete against. I look forward to doing more Viper racing.
With regard to the performance difference between the 20’s. The Vipers are faster, period.
Marcus Eagan, New Orleans, LA, 2017 North American Champion
David Hammett, Melges 20’ sport boat owner and Viper connoisseur!
The most fun I have had racing one design in my entire adult life.
I’ve raced other one-designs, but this has been the best, most fun boat on the planet, and the people sailing Vipers are fantastic.
Stu Hebb, Miami
Geoff Ewenson, Annapolis, MD

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