OneSails’ trusted partner in the Mediterranean. As an authorized producer and distributor of OneSails sails, we offer first class service from our state-of-the-art loft or on site.


30 per cent lighter than any other sail and 100 per cent recyclable, it’s the first filmless, continuous composite structure of its kind and the most cutting-edge sail on the market today.


First class sails service includes:

New Sail Design
custom design and configuration for any yacht. For more information, contact us at
CFD and FSI Analysis
to predict how your sails will perform over time; this analysis allows us to optimize design, structure, trim and load and trouble shoot any possible future issues
ORC and IRC Optimisation
we prepare you and your yacht to get the rating you want
we finish membrane sails in-house
after 1-2 seasons, we do a sea trial to check for shape holding, load testing, etc. and recut as needed to improve sail shape and performance
we repair sail tears, damaged batten pockets, replace corner webbings, fix bolt ropes and more to optimize performance and protect against further damage
Custom Sail Imaging and Logos
for a custom touch
Weather Routing
get a racing edge with our real-time weather routing support using Adrena Navigation Software


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