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World-class specialists in the design and production of carbon fiber equipment for motor and sailing yachts and super yachts.

ONE Palma specializes in the design, repair and manufacture of a wide range of equipment, including:
- Boarding ladders
- V-Booms & Racing Booms
- Bowsprits
- Dock steps
- Helm stations
- Light-masts
- Passarelles
- Protective products
ONE Palma also offers a full-service repair shop to ensure clients' vessels are able to operate at full potential. This service includes both structural and superficial repairs, refits and modifications for:
- Anchor systems
- Ballast and Exhaust systems
- Hulls
- Keels
- Rudders
- Spreaders
- Tenders
- Weight management
100% natural, organic, biodegradable and recyclable Flax Fiber is replacing glass fiber as the material of choice. SuperSap, a biodegradable epoxy resin made from tree sap, has a carbon footprint 20x lower than standard epoxy resin. Once combined into a composite part, it has equal performance and quality of epoxy/ glass fiber composites. For more information about our composites services and the new eco-composites, contact


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